In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day and in partnership with NETFLIX, EVELYN Is now available for community screenings in ALL accessible countries.  

In or outside the UK, you can organise you own screening and event and promote it as much as you would like providing you do so on a one-off basis and do not charge for tickets or fundraise for the event


This means you are automatically granted an educational license from Netflix to stream Evelyn straight from the platform as soon as it is released on World Suicide Prevention Day (10th of September 2019). This can happen in any venue of your choice, from a living room, to a church, village hall or community cinema.


For the full guidelines of Netflix's educational license please see here -


‘Walk to remember, not to forget.’

In keeping with the spirit of the film, we would encourage you to combine your screenings with a walking and talking event.  


We’d love to hear how your screening and walking event went. Please reach out to us using the contact form below with any questions you might have or with details and photos of your screening and its impact. 


Who can host a screening?

Anyone is welcome to screen the film for a community or educational objective, and for whatever reason inspires you – to bring people together, because you love documentary, a seminar, a death café, or just a social event. Anybody can get involved and any venue can be used, as long as it is a one-off event. You cannot however, use it as a fundraiser or sell tickets for your event.


What venue can I screen the film in?

The film can be screened in any venue, from your local community centre to someone’s living room. We give you creative license on this. Keep in mind you will need to organise the projection facilities so make sure there is good sound and a large screen.


Is there a booking process?

No. You can screen the film for free direct from Netflix and you can choose your own date.


How much will it cost me?

It’s free. We want this film to be seen as widely as possible and our partners at Netflix are happy for the film to be screened from their platform free of charge in public settings on a one-off basis, as long as it is not used a fundraiser or commercial gain.


Can I show the film outside the UK?

Yes. The film can be shown anywhere around the world.


Can the filmmakers speak at our event?

No. Sadly, the film team won't be able to make all the events but we do encourage you to invite local speakers along as this can really enhance a screening - a local mental health charity or a mental health worker such as a psychotherapist who can support and facilitate a group discussion.


What do you mean by walk and talk?

The film is a beautiful example of how cathartic walking therapy can be. We’re encouraging people to incorporate this into their film screening. You could meet as a group and walk to the venue to watch the film or you could arrange a long walk afterwards to digest what you’ve seen and talk about your own experiences.


Can you send us advertising materials?

We are very happy to send you a pdf of our poster so that you can print them for your event. We also have a small selection of stills. You are also welcome to visit our facebook page and use the banners and stills there –


Please do not use the Netflix logo or affiliate your screening with Netflix promotional material, as per their request. You can see full Netflix guidelines at the link above. 


Who do I contact?

You do not need to contact us to arrange the screening, although we would love to hear from you if you do set something up so that we can monitor the impact the film is having.


If you have any other questions that are not covered here then you can email us at

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  • Edinburgh Cameo Picturehouse

  • CityScreen York Picturehouse

  • Picturehouse @ FACT Liverpool

  • Arts Picturehouse Cambridge

  • Phoenix Picturehouse Oxford

  • Norwich Picturehouse

  • Exeter Picturehouse

  • Glasgow Film Theatre

  • Picturehouse Central, London

  • Clapham Picturehouse, London

  • Arthouse Crouch End, London

  • ICA, London

  • Dochouse Curzon Bloomsbury, London

  • Peckhamplex, London

  • Duke’s @ Komedia, Brighton

  • Rio Cinema Dalston, London

  • Ritzy Picturehouse Brixton, UK

  • Savoy Corby

  • Frontline Club, London

  • West Norwood Picturehouse, London

  • Saffron Screen, Essex

  • Genesis Cinema, London

  • Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

  • The Odyssey Cinema, St. Albans

  • Kiln Theatre Cinema, London

  • Vue Newbury


  • BFI London Film Festival (World Premiere), UK

  • Doc NYC, USA

  • Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden

  • Victoria Film Festival, Canada

  • Omaha Film Festival, USA

  • Borderlines Film Festival, UK